Welcome to Owton Lodge in Hartlepool


At Sizzling we believe the people of Hartlepool deserve more from their local pub. And it's our job to give you just that.

We're a friendly bunch and we pride ourselves on giving the warmest of welcomes. We're committed to seeking out the very best quality ingredients at prices that are honest and fair. We're a real part of the local community, proud to help fundraise for charities and offer our function area free of charge to locals and groups.

We're local to Billingham, Norton and Greatham, so whether you're up for a party, watching sport, meeting with friends and family or just relaxing and taking the time to unwind, Owton Lodge is the pub putting the sizzle in Hartlepool.  


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Opening Hours

  • Monday 10am - Midnight
  • Tuesday 10am - Midnight
  • Wednesday 10am - Midnight
  • Thursday 10am - Midnight
  • Friday 10am - Midnight
  • Saturday 9am - Midnight
  • Sunday 9am - Midnight