Meet the Martinis!

We’re serving up not one, but two brand new Martini cocktails for £ for you to sip away on!

Say ‘hello’ to our fruity Pornstar Martini, which is made from 42 Below Vodka™ and a refreshing combination of vanilla, passion fruit liqueur, passion fruit juice, and lime juice. This is the fun, flirty friend that guarantees fun whenever they’re around…

We’d also like you to meet our rich, caffeine-infused Espresso Martini, which contains the perfect blend of 42 Below Vodka™, coffee liqueur, and Arabica coffee. This is your on-trend, sophisticated friend, and they always know how to tempt you to explore new flavours you’ll fall in love with.

Together, they’re the new tails in town that are delicious in their own right, but even better when enjoyed with family and friends!