Friendly Forester, Bridlington with the Kingfisher Café project

Project: Kingfisher Café - Security & Christmas Gifts
Nominated by: Friendly Forester, Bridlington
Total Investment: £2583

The Kingfisher Café in Bridlington gives meals to the homeless and low-income families in the area in a safe, warm and friendly cafe. The cafe is completely run by volunteers, some of whom have been homeless in the past and have previously benefited from the food and support provided by the Charity. Other volunteers include Syrian refugees.

The fundraising support was used to install a new security system at the café to protect their activities and ensure the café can effectively service the local community. Funding was also used to purchase food provisions and small gift items to give to low income families on Christmas Day.

The café has a strong relationship with their local Sizzling, The Friendly Forester, and staff volunteered their time at Café on 8th February 2019. The pub plans to send one team per month for the next year to volunteer and help their local community and the cafe volunteers regularly visit the pub and speak about their services and express thanks for the fundraising.

The pub couldn’t have done it without the help of their Sizzling guests! Visit them today to see what is going on at The Friendly Forester.