Refreshing Drinks at The Bay Horse Inn!

Explore our extensive summer drinks menu, where you’ll find the perfect drink for every occasion - delicious cocktails for nights out with friends, a pint to wind down with, celebratory fizz or shots for your Saturday night party in Cramlington.

Whisk yourself off to paradise with our new Tropical Punch or Rockstar cocktail – a sweet and fruity mix of Archers Peach Schnapps and Smirnoff Raspberry Crush. There’s our scarily good Venom cocktail with Southern Comfort and WKD Blue or Pink Pamela with Gordon’s Pink gin, pink grapefruit and lemonade.

Enjoy a glass of wine over dinner or something from our Gin Parlour, where you’ll find great flavours from fruity to citrus.

Whatever you’re toasting to – let us pour you a drink, perfectly served at The Bay Horse Inn.

Allergen Information

Click the link below to view our allergen, dietary and nutrition information, this will open in a new window. Some dishes may not be available in all sites.

Please ensure that you refer to the information on each visit to confirm that nothing has changed.


Take a look at our full menu below, book a table and let the good times pour!

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Now we’ve whet your whistle with our wonderful drinks menu, all you need to do is book a table... and let us do all the hard work.