Plight of the Zeddites

A Zeddite is a cute, fluffy, creature that looks like a snake, but don't worry... they don't bite! They live on planet Sizzlor, and have spotted the troublesome Lord Famish on his way to their beloved home. This can only mean one thing!

Lord Famish is a gigantic, half robot, half monster, who normally lives in the dark depths of space; his huge tummy is a black hole, and he’s always hungry. This villain eats entire planets to feed his monstrous appetite, and guess what… Planet Sizzlor is next on the menu. Argh!  

A team of fluffy Zeddites have travelled to planet Earth, and they’re searching for superheroes (like you) to join Z-Force. Can you help them banish Lord Famish before he makes a snack out of planet Sizzlor? Gulp!

Join our Z-Force superheroes Zack, Zoe, and Zeke, and help them to take down the ravenous baddie Lord Famish and his equally awful minions. Let’s put a stop to the big meanie before he makes a snack out of the fun, colourful and calm planet Sizzlor — only you can help us save the day!