We Love Catering for Kids!

We believe that ensuring your kids have a good time with us is just as important as you having a good time with us.

We love welcoming families and giving your kids healthy food that they'll also absolutely love - no matter how fussy they are! This is why our Kids' Menu is full of quality ingredients and delicious flavours to make meal time fun and tasty for every member sitting around the table.

It doesn't matter if you've got a kiddie who enjoys playing with their food more than eating it, one who's appetite is bigger than Dad's or if you have a vegetable-phobe who won't touch anything green, our healthy and yummy Kids' Menu is packed with nutrition and flavour in every bite! 

Our kids' meal deal offers a main, dessert and drink for only £4.99 so make sure to bring your little ones along next time you fancy a break from the kitchen and we'll do all the work for you.